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How 30 Minutes Changed My Life

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

One of the most effective techniques when dealing with change is establishing healthy and productive habits. Everyone knows whether a particular routine is positive or negative. Truly reflecting on these repeatable living patterns allows you to build the right automatic behaviors that yield successful dividends toward your overall goals.

One of my tiny repeatable habits, which has snowballed over the last year, has been reading one chapter each day. I now have read over twenty-five books since sticking to this simple daily ritual a year ago. That is a 900% increase when compared to my previous annual reading stats. Many of my paper knowledge vessels had collected dust for over a decade. Such classic non-fiction reads as 'The Intelligent Investor' had far too many pages to turn before reaching the end. Six-hundred-and-forty pages now equal approximately twenty micro reading sessions.

Similar to the habit of making your bed at the start of each day, small positive behaviors have a ripple effect throughout your entire life. Environmental cues, specific time of day, and duration of focus all make a difference. I find 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading time first thing in the morning with fresh coffee in the same comfortable chair makes this small reading habit stick.

Applying the same mindset to fitness goals, such as 30 minutes of physical activity, will give you more confidence and help you live better. Breaking up 30 minutes of exercise into 2 x 15 minutes or 3 x 10 minutes will help keep your engagement levels high. I am a fan of the Concept2 rowing machine during the winter months but quickly switch to outdoor activities, such as walking or biking when the weather gods allow it.

Once established routines take hold, you will notice yourself becoming more efficient with your time. Larger tasks and big goals become well within reach, one day at a time.

How will you spend 30 focused minutes each day?

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