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Getting Focused with a Venn Diagram

Updated: May 10, 2023

Over the last several years, the data driven movement within talent management has exploded. With a myriad of data solutions, knowing the specific role you play is paramount.

When I decided to venture into the independent consulting space, I connected with many great minds. One long-time friend and connection recommended a Venn Diagram to focus my story. The result is the following Venn visual:

Senior Sales Consulting

After performing many sales roles within the talent management industry, you develop a natural ability to tell stories with data on both Macro and Micro levels. Understanding the forest from the trees is critical to convey meaning to others.

Talent Management

Keeping up on latest employee selection and development trends provides relevant industry expertise. While there are many shiny marketing tactics, my approach centers around talent solutions with proven validity and reliability. The goal is always a strong return for both clients and the individuals involved with each talent program.

Data Science

Applying scientific methods with human data using Statistics and Computer Programming is a critical future-forward skill. I have focused much of my time and energy on developing these core competencies. Diving into the algorithms and programs guiding data-based decision-making will only further the overall impact achieved with my client's talent initiatives.


All three circles intersect to form my primary role as a Data Translator. Senior Sales Experience, Talent Management Expertise, and Data Science results in compelling stories with data. Being the best possible Data Storyteller is what drives me each day.

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